Everything (Abridged) Episode 3: Helium and Red Bull

by Ren LaForme on March 20, 2012

Can skydiving be a profession? Does the founder of Red Bull look like Guy Fieri? What show is being canceled due to dead horses? What did Ren do over spring break? These burning questions and more will all be answered in this week’s episode of Everything (Abridged).

This week’s noun shout ranges from eccentric billionaires to Mexico’s most dubious export, and from a whimsical instrument used by felines to one religion’s most prominent figure.

This week’s show should have featured a segment about video games starring Ren’s brother Corey and close Do This Thing! friend Jared Burdick, but an audio snafu messed up the segment. Corey recommended “Twisted Metal,” a Playstation 3 game about cars blowing up other cars. Jared recommended the highly anticipated “Diablo III,” which is finally being released on May 15. If you’d still like to listen to the segment, check it out here.

This show is probably not safe for work. There are F-words!

Links for this episode:

Casey’s Recommendations

  • Sherlock, pulled from Casey’s deep knowledge of British TV
  • Join Us, a smart and whimsical new(ish) album from nerd favorite band They Might Be Giants

Ren’s Recommendations

  • 21 Jump Street, a remake of the classic TV show chock full of Jonah Hill and Channing Tater Tots
  • Take Me Home Tonight, because it’s not as bad as the trailers made it look
  • Tinderbox, an honest-to-god serious recommendation

Stuff we talked about:

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