Everything (Abridged) Episode 4: The Fred Savage Confession

by Ren LaForme on March 27, 2012

Fast-paced new theme music, some fresh coffee and a heartwarming confession about one of America’s most loved child stars. Could this episode start any better?

From an affirmation of the joy of taking a long pee to the phenomenon of LEGO shaming, this episode is chock full of stuff that’ll make you go wowee, egads or maybe even gadzooks.

Perpetual nerd girl and fanfiction enthusiast Keeley Sheehan is back on the show to tell us why “The Hunger Games” isn’t just for people who devoured the books, and why offscreen violence in films is often more effective.

And if you liked our spontaneous approximation of the Sonic the Hedgehog drowning music from the last show, you’ll really love it when we break out into not one, but two different ’90s dittys in this one.

Ren finally addresses those pesky electronic cigarettes in Noun Shout (nobody else is doing it!) and Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch returns to close out the show. It’s Everything (Abridged).

This show is probably not safe for work.


Links for this episode:

Casey’s recommendation

Ren’s recommendations

  • Julia Nunes, possibly the cutest thing in this world with a ukelele
  • Towns, a new game that puts you in the role of, well, a town.
  • Dead Heat. The ’80s are dead. Long live the ’80s.

Stuff we talked about:

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