Brain Gold Episode 5: Girl Brain feat. Nati Galbetti and Keeley Sheehan

by Ren LaForme on April 2, 2012

It’s the significant other episode of Brain Gold. Mine and Dan’s leading ladies joined us and I literally had to cut out a half of an hour worth of talk about cooking asparagus, Pinterest and the intricacies of the hunger games.

Nati teaches us some weird Brazilian sayings, most of which involve farm animals. That’s when the pig curls its tail. Keeley gives us a straight and simple answer about what she would do with a half a billion dollars and Dan figures out a follow-up fad to planking and Tebowing involving one of America’s greatest literary icons.

Brain Gold Answers is back. We take Yahoo! Answer’s stupidest questions and respond with stupid answers.

This show is not safe for work.

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