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by Ren LaForme on September 4, 2012

Every Monday in September will bring something fresh to dothisthing.org. It might be a new blog (we have blogs now! Aren’t we special and unique?), a new show (we did start out as a podcasting site, after all) or some other super special surprise (a free trip to Mars! A pet dinosaur!).

The first of these surprises is the site you’re peeping at right now. We’re running on a whole new, very powerful platform. That means we get to focus less on twiddling with the backend and more on putting out cool content. The site will change over time as we refine the aspects we like and delete the vestigial bits left over from the old site.

This week, we’ll also be unveiling some of the blogs. A few interesting folks have signed up to write for us. Stop in every day to make sure you don’t miss anything.

What’s coming later this month, you ask? Here are some hints.

Sept. 10: You know nothing if you don’t check out this fan show about a certain popular series. After all, winter is coming.

Sept. 17: Remember a long, long time ago? When you were three years younger than you are now? Soon, you won’t have to!

Sept. 24: A new take on a stylish old project.

Oct. 1: An aptly titled surprise and the capstone of the entire site.

All of this new stuff has been in the works for months, but we’re just getting around to doing most of it now. Typical.

When I tell people about DTT!, the first thing they usually ask me is, “Why do you keep trying to grow a beard?” I say, “That is irrelevant.” Then they usually ask me why I put some much time into something I earn nothing from when I am already doing so many other things—grad studies, working for my school, running a student newspaper.

It’s because I love it.

I took a chance early this year, bought an irresponsible amount of recording equipment and started a couple of shows with some friends. It was a great time. I’m going to continue doing it as long as I find it fun. That’s the message at the heart of this site—if you want to do something, go do it.

In the meantime, we’ll Do This Thing!

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