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Brain Gold is a comedy show hosted by Manny Carrasco, Dan Goonin and Ren LaForme. Featuring sketch comedy, one-off jokes and plenty of good natured banter gone bad, Brain Gold is a midas touch of merriness for your mind. New episodes every Monday.

Brain Gold Episode 3: Jake’s Gun feat. Corey LaForme

by Ren LaForme March 19, 2012

This week’s Brain Gold features our first ever guest host. It’s Ren’s little brother, Corey. Listen in as he talks about his first experience in an airplane and a drunken adventure he took a few weeks ago. Also, his friend Jake might be homicidal. Dan, who was too busy to catch the beginning of his […]

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Brain Gold Episode 2: Jennifer Aniston Sucks

by Ren LaForme March 12, 2012

If you love Jennifer Aniston or Adele, you’ll hate this episode of Brain Gold. We struggle again to set up a suitable intro for the show and then somehow start talking about old comedies. Then Ren’s “Game of Thrones” love starts spilling out and he rambles about wearing a hat. Ever wonder about regional vocabularies? […]

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Brain Gold Episode 1: Mr. Dickhausen

by Ren LaForme March 5, 2012

It’s the inaugural episode of Brain Gold and everybody brought his A game. Join us as we talk about Jonah Hill’s weird post-weight loss looks, we explore whether Rooney Mara and Andy Rooney are related, and as Dan talks about an elementary school friend who shaved “nicotine patches” into his hair. Plus, we unveil our […]

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Introducing: Brain Gold

by Ren LaForme February 28, 2012

What the hell is Brain Gold, you ask? Check out the teaser clip below. Stay tuned for full Brain Gold episodes this March. Only on

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