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Everything (Abridged) is about everything (abridged). News, science and technology, entertainment, sports. Every Tuesday, we’ll fill your head with the things you need to know, and maybe a few things you’ll wish you didn’t.

Relive Casey’s days of being bullied and the recall the childhood product he used to retaliate, hear Ren’s account of a random allergic reaction at a bachelor party and try to puzzle together whether several sports team names are racist. Catch up on the news you need to know with a new segment we call The Week That Was. Plus, we’ve got some more TV and movie recommendations for you from across the pond.

Stay tuned for some major updates coming soon to Do This Thing!


Our excessive Minecraft talk does not cease this episode. Neither does our love for LEGO, dinosaurs and space. We might as well be five years old. Plus, the worst senior prank ever gets the worst punishment ever, Ren’s thinking of using his student loan money to buy candles, and Casey confesses his love for Lena Dunham from “Girls.” All this and more on episode 12 of Everything (Abridged).


Everything (Abridged) Episode 11: Hogan’s Heroes

by Ren LaForme May 19, 2012

I know, I know. We’ve been gone for a long time and you’ve been worried about us. Worry no longer! We are back, and we’ve got a great story about why we missed an episode. It involves Hulk Hogan, an aggressive pickpocket and an amorous dolphin. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve figured out […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 9: The Invention of Fish Hop

by Ren LaForme May 3, 2012

Space Punk was last week’s new music genre. This week it’s Fish Hop. And everybody knows you can’t launch a successful genre without making a movie to go with it. Ours stars many of the greats: Alf, Paulie Shore, Shannon Elizabeth. You can’t go wrong. Casey also reveals his new Minecraft addiction. Welcome to the […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 8: Who Poop Last?

by Ren LaForme April 27, 2012

Greetings, patient listeners. I know this is three (four?) days late. I know it’s a little shorter than you’re used to. I know I never put links in the description for the last episode. But Casey and I are done with school (me for the semester, him for good) next week. We’re going to go […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 7: Dinklage 2012

by Ren LaForme April 18, 2012

Big moves this week. Big moves. We’re not eating a morsel, not a speck, not even the crumbs too small for the mice to notice until Peter Dinklage is invited to host Saturday Night Live. More on that, plus your links, in the morning.

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