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Everything (Abridged) is about everything (abridged). News, science and technology, entertainment, sports. Every Tuesday, we’ll fill your head with the things you need to know, and maybe a few things you’ll wish you didn’t.

Everything (Abridged) Episode 6: We Let the Dogs Out

by Ren LaForme April 10, 2012

We try to figure out the value of “Who Let The Dogs Out?” by the Baha Men, Ren gives an impassioned rant about people who conspicuously hate Nickelback, and we proclaim “Next” to be the rudest MTV show ever made. Plus, Casey talks some baseball and we make a common kitchen appliance the AWESOME THING […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 5: Dissecting a Jimmy Buffett Concert feat. Angus Hill

by Ren LaForme April 3, 2012

Who goes to a Jimmy Buffett concert? Why do they go? What sorts of wild creatures can you expect when you are there? What is that weird hand gesture they’re doing during that song? Everything (Abridged) conducts a scientific study to answer these questions and more with our guest, Angus Hill (follow him on Twitter), […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 4: The Fred Savage Confession

by Ren LaForme March 27, 2012

Fast-paced new theme music, some fresh coffee and a heartwarming confession about one of America’s most loved child stars. Could this episode start any better? From an affirmation of the joy of taking a long pee to the phenomenon of LEGO shaming, this episode is chock full of stuff that’ll make you go wowee, egads […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 3: Helium and Red Bull

by Ren LaForme March 20, 2012

Can skydiving be a profession? Does the founder of Red Bull look like Guy Fieri? What show is being canceled due to dead horses? What did Ren do over spring break? These burning questions and more will all be answered in this week’s episode of Everything (Abridged). This week’s noun shout ranges from eccentric billionaires […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 2: Learnin’ About Baseball

by Ren LaForme March 12, 2012

Casey gets put to the test as he tries to name every baseball team, we drink something called a caipirinha and we try to avoid promiscuous women and vomit during spring break. Keep an ear out for some bonus George W. Bush and “Man vs. Food” impressions. This week’s Noun Shout is a fast paced […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 1: Davy Jones Fanfiction

by Ren LaForme March 7, 2012

Hot on the heels of Brain Gold, Everything (Abridged) is coming out strong. Everything (Abridged) is a weekly comedy podcast that teaches you all the things about modern life that you need to know in just one hour(ish). How do we do it?! Did you know that Monkee’s lead singer Davy Jones was a short […]

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