Q: Do what thing?
A: What’s the deal with our title, you ask? That’s a great question! Have you ever been inspired to do something but felt like you couldn’t do it? Do you have any goals that you just don’t have time for? Stop your whining and do that thing! Do This Thing! is all about letting it all flop out in the breeze and doing what you love.

Q: Where can I listen/watch/eat a Do This Thing! program?
A: Like, physically or…? All of our audio shows are posted on this website first (dothisthing.org). From there, iTunes magically sucks them up and paints them with a coat of gloss made from the horns of dead narwhals. In the future, as bandwidth issues rear their ugly heads, our audio shows might find a new home somewhere else, but they’ll always be posted to our front page as soon as they are uploaded. Video shows will probably go to YouTube or something, assuming they can get their shit together (I’m looking at you, buffering!)

Q: No, no, no. I meant, where can I enjoy a program? Sitting at my computer listening to audio for an hour sucks.
A: Listen (ha ha, get it?). It’s up to you to find a place to enjoy our shows. A lot of people listen to our audio programs in the car, cooking delicious food, or while they’re pwning n00bz on the Diablo III beta. Maybe you should pour yourself a nice bubble bath, really let that hot water soak into those trouble areas, and let our slightly nasally voices take you away to some sort of weird paradise.

Q: Can I run an advertisement on a Do This Thing! show?
A: I don’t know. Can you? Yes, you can! We have room for a variety of different advertisement types. We allow 15- to 60-second recordings to air in any of our commercial slots of your choosing. You can also sponsor the program and we will talk about your product once per show, at the beginning of the third segment. Sponsorship is accompanied by a free visual advertisement that shows up on most pages of the website. Email ren@dothisthing.org to work out rates and other specifics.

Q: What about personal messages? Can I propose to my girlfriend/neighbor/dog through one of your shows?
A: Awww. Well, shucks. Of course you can. Email your short personal messages, questions to be answered on air or anything else you’d like us to discuss to ren@dothisthing.org.

Q: I want to start a show and host it on Do This Thing! Is this a crazy pipe dream or can I make it happen?
A: We’re currently growing faster than lip spittle on a fat man in a buffet line. Send your show pitch to, you guessed it, ren@dothisthing.org. If you’re in the St. Petersburg, Fla. area, we’ll provide you with equipment and studio space. If not, you’ll need to arrange it on your own and meet the same quality standards as the house shows. Keep in mind that we’re especially looking for different ideas. Shows about technology and video games, music and movies are near saturated. You’ll have to be special to stand out in those areas.

Q: What do you use to record your shows?
A: Ah! A fellow nerd! Our audio programs are recorded on an 27-inch i7 iMac, currently with Audacity because it’s free and works well. The shows will be migrated to Adobe Audition sometime soon. We record with a variety of Shure vocal microphones and an MXL V67g through a TASCAM US-800 digital USB 2.0 interface. Each microphone is recorded to a separate channel in Audacity to help with post-production. All mics are fitted with pop filters to help them stay clean and to reduce plosives. We’re still working on the video stuff.

Q: Pig?
A: Oink!

Q: How else can I get involved?
A: Have you tried Adult Friend Finder? Just kidding! We have a page detailing the kind of people we’re looking for. Where did I put it? I know it’s somewhere around here. Ah! Here it is!

Q: Want some money?
A: Yes. We accept cash in the form of a brown, crinkled up paper bag. Please leave it on my doorstep, knock three times, whistle “Sexyback” and run away as fast as you can. A man named Giuseppe will stop you. Hand him some skittles and try not to look at his scar.