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We want you! Yes, you. It doesn’t matter where you live, what equipment you own, or even if your voice sucks for radio (ours do, too). Do This Thing! needs your talents to grow. We’re looking for contributors in the following fields:

Guests: Do you fancy yourself a funny person? Like to snog in a bog? Run through car washes in purple polka dot galoshes? You could be the next guest host on Brain Gold. Each week features a new zany co-host to cram our show full of fresh antics. Talk to us if you’re interested and we’ll schedule you in right behind Louis C.K.

Experts: Everything (Abridged) is literally an abridged form of everything. We don’t know everything. Neither do you. But if we put our heads together, maybe we will! If you’re an expert on some sort of topic–whether it’s sports, music and movies or something more obscure like fanfiction or spam collecting–we have a place for you on Everything (Abridged).

Sketch Writers: Have you heard the commercial where I explain that a friend told us we weren’t funny? That’s a true story. We’re not terribly great at writing these sketches (or performing them, for that matter) so we need all of the help we can get. Become a sketch writer for Brain Gold and I’ll give you a fancy title like executive producer of laughs or whatever else tickles your giblets.

Hosts: Do This Thing! has tons of room to grow. If you want to start a show of your own–whether it’s a video, podcast or otherwise–or if you already have one and want to be a part of the DTT! network, let us know! We’ll work together to make trillions of dollars.

Photographers/videographers: The running joke is that certain people are on radio for a reason. They’re ugly. But we’re all beautiful! We’re looking for someone to take great mugshots of us for when we inevitably get arrested for vulgarity, slander and just plain being not funny. Videographers interested in becoming involved in our planned video shows should ask themselves why they want to deal with us. Then they should contact us at the address below.

Business folks: We have already sunk a little bit of cash into this operation, probably illegally. We couldn’t tell you a difference between a sole proprietorship and a soul plane (I think one has Snoop Dogg in it). If you’re interested in helping us not break the law, send us an email at the address below.

Advertisers: We’re terrible, I know. But eventually we won’t be. If anyone has any experience in selling ads in an online environment and wants to do it for commission (and cookies! I’ll personally bake you cookies) let me know. We’ll post ads on the site, but  ads to read on air are more standard (and better).

Programmers: This site is strung together with peanut shells and piano wires. Fix it. Please.

Email for more information.

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