Everything (Abridged) Episode 8: Who Poop Last?

by Ren LaForme April 27, 2012

Greetings, patient listeners. I know this is three (four?) days late. I know it’s a little shorter than you’re used to. I know I never put links in the description for the last episode. But Casey and I are done with school (me for the semester, him for good) next week. We’re going to go […]

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Brain Gold Episode 8: Canadian Dinosaurs!

by Ren LaForme April 24, 2012

This episode is so good that our guest, Zachary Hall, literally fell asleep. But he manages to tell us some pretty cool stories about his recent trip to New Zealand when he’s awake. Plus if you’re a fan of Ren’s outrageous outbreaks of laughter, you’ll love this episode. Brain Gold is not safe for work. […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 7: Dinklage 2012

by Ren LaForme April 18, 2012

Big moves this week. Big moves. We’re not eating a morsel, not a speck, not even the crumbs too small for the mice to notice until Peter Dinklage is invited to host Saturday Night Live. More on that, plus your links, in the morning.

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Brain Gold Episode 7: The Return of Ken Bang

by Ren LaForme April 17, 2012

This week’s episode is a blast from the past as Manny talks about his high school job working at a movie theater, and Ren and guest host Jared Burdick talk about some mischief they found one dark night in the country. Plus, Jared has a not-at-all-surprising story about how his laptop was recently stolen from […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 6: We Let the Dogs Out

by Ren LaForme April 10, 2012

We try to figure out the value of “Who Let The Dogs Out?” by the Baha Men, Ren gives an impassioned rant about people who conspicuously hate Nickelback, and we proclaim “Next” to be the rudest MTV show ever made. Plus, Casey talks some baseball and we make a common kitchen appliance the AWESOME THING […]

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Brain Gold Episode 6: MOG NAIRB

by Ren LaForme April 9, 2012

Manny is back from Las Vegas this week and he is suspiciously mum about the activities he engaged in while he was gone. Dan reveals to the world that he finally started a Twitter account–so we help him find people to follow–and the fact that he is a Hakeem Olajuwan expert. He also has some […]

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