Everything (Abridged) Episode 5: Dissecting a Jimmy Buffett Concert feat. Angus Hill

by Ren LaForme April 3, 2012

Who goes to a Jimmy Buffett concert? Why do they go? What sorts of wild creatures can you expect when you are there? What is that weird hand gesture they’re doing during that song? Everything (Abridged) conducts a scientific study to answer these questions and more with our guest, Angus Hill (follow him on Twitter), […]

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Brain Gold Episode 5: Girl Brain feat. Nati Galbetti and Keeley Sheehan

by Ren LaForme April 2, 2012

It’s the significant other episode of Brain Gold. Mine and Dan’s leading ladies joined us and I literally had to cut out a half of an hour worth of talk about cooking asparagus, Pinterest and the intricacies of the hunger games. Nati teaches us some weird Brazilian sayings, most of which involve farm animals. That’s […]

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The Rob Smith Podcast Episode 1: MLB Stadiums with Neil deMause

by Ren LaForme March 30, 2012

Neil deMause is an expert on sports stadium and arena financing. He previously wrote for Baseball Prospectus, authored Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit and maintains the website fieldofschemes.com. He joined The Business of Sports Network and USF St. Petersburg’s own Rob Smith to talk about the […]

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Everything (Abridged) Episode 4: The Fred Savage Confession

by Ren LaForme March 27, 2012

Fast-paced new theme music, some fresh coffee and a heartwarming confession about one of America’s most loved child stars. Could this episode start any better? From an affirmation of the joy of taking a long pee to the phenomenon of LEGO shaming, this episode is chock full of stuff that’ll make you go wowee, egads […]

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Brain Gold Episode 4: Throats and Scrotes feat. Christopher Guinn

by Ren LaForme March 26, 2012

Wondering what that beautiful island is in the image above? It’s the Dry Tortugas. Guest host Christopher Guinn tells us a tale about the island involving cheap liquor and a quest for a babe in a white bikini. Half of the episode is dedicated to nostalgia… the sweet nostalgia of getting our asses kicked. Chris […]

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Everything (Abridged) guest publishes previously mentioned Ke$ha post

by Ren LaForme March 21, 2012

Tara McCarty, founder of Tortuga Tunes, was a guest on episode two of Everything (Abridged). During the show, we asked her about upcoming posts and she told us she was planning to extoll Ke$ha’s value to music. I KNOW, RIGHT? That post is now available at tortugatunes.wordpress.com. It’s worth a read, if not just for […]

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