Casey gets put to the test as he tries to name every baseball team, we drink something called a caipirinha and we try to avoid promiscuous women and vomit during spring break. Keep an ear out for some bonus George W. Bush and “Man vs. Food” impressions.

This week’s Noun Shout is a fast paced journey through an array of topics, ranging from Billy Mays to Paul Reubens. And be sure to stick around for the end when we hit on random topics in a quick fire format.

Movie buff Manny Carrasco from New Roots News stops by to tell us why we should go see “John Carter” despite its awful commercials, and music blogger Tara McCarty, founder of Tortuga Tunes, gives us the lowdown on cover songs. Plus, we provide our recommendations of the week, including another great YouTube channel. All things considered, it’s a damn fun ride.

This show is probably not safe for work. There are F-words!

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