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Brain Gold Episode 6: MOG NAIRB

by Ren LaForme on April 9, 2012

Manny is back from Las Vegas this week and he is suspiciously mum about the activities he engaged in while he was gone. Dan reveals to the world that he finally started a Twitter account–so we help him find people to follow–and the fact that he is a Hakeem Olajuwan expert. He also has some pretty strong opinions about Kevin Federline. Dan refers to himself as a cute piggy at one point, and the show devolves into a depraved version of “would you rather.”

Also on the show: Learn some Joe Pesci philosophy, the Amelia Groundhart 2012 campaign, and Patrick Swayze’s role in Ren moving his studio into a new room.


This show is not safe for work.


Wondering what that beautiful island is in the image above? It’s the Dry Tortugas. Guest host Christopher Guinn tells us a tale about the island involving cheap liquor and a quest for a babe in a white bikini.

Half of the episode is dedicated to nostalgia… the sweet nostalgia of getting our asses kicked. Chris reminisces about an 11 on 2 fight with the odds stacked against him and the time when a little girl punched him on the bus. Manny also had an incident on a bus, where his father’s advice got him a beating. Dan and Ren stacked up a little bit better in their young roughhousing.

Keep an eye out for the premiere of New Jersey Bouncer during the first commercial break. You don’t want to miss it.

We also have actual theme music now, courtesy of the Free Music Archive. The song is “Les Insectes” by Alacair Ensemble, and it is trippy. Check it out.

This show is not safe for work.



Brain Gold Episode 3: Jake’s Gun feat. Corey LaForme

by Ren LaForme March 19, 2012

This week’s Brain Gold features our first ever guest host. It’s Ren’s little brother, Corey. Listen in as he talks about his first experience in an airplane and a drunken adventure he took a few weeks ago. Also, his friend Jake might be homicidal. Dan, who was too busy to catch the beginning of his […]

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Brain Gold Episode 2: Jennifer Aniston Sucks

by Ren LaForme March 12, 2012

If you love Jennifer Aniston or Adele, you’ll hate this episode of Brain Gold. We struggle again to set up a suitable intro for the show and then somehow start talking about old comedies. Then Ren’s “Game of Thrones” love starts spilling out and he rambles about wearing a hat. Ever wonder about regional vocabularies? […]

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Brain Gold Episode 1: Mr. Dickhausen

by Ren LaForme March 5, 2012

It’s the inaugural episode of Brain Gold and everybody brought his A game. Join us as we talk about Jonah Hill’s weird post-weight loss looks, we explore whether Rooney Mara and Andy Rooney are related, and as Dan talks about an elementary school friend who shaved “nicotine patches” into his hair. Plus, we unveil our […]

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